Cambium Farms Wedding Photos | Caledon, On | Maya and Blythe

September 12, 2019

Cambium Farms is just a place for an elegant barn wedding.  Maya and Blythe, my same sex couple chose the farm to hold their wedding celebration  on Labour Day weekend this year. Situated in the countryside outside of Caledon the barn is a spectacular sight at this time of the year with all the fields freshly plowed and bales of hay everywhere.  The ceremony location was beautiful, decked with rows of elegant chairs and a flower arch.  The inside of the barn does not disappoint. Able to accomodate upwards of 200 people and with sunslight peaking through the boards on all sides it is truly a magical place for a wedding reception.  The service was impeccable and the catered food delicious.  

Barn weddings can be a challege to photographers who do not use off camera lighting. The high, dark ceilings and wooden boards for walls make it difficult to capture photos.  I used off-camera lighting to illuminate the environment and capture all the special moments during the reception. The sunset can be viewed by the guests through the barn doors. It was spectacular on that day and we captured some photos of the sky at sunset and the barn at night.

Maya got ready in the family home in Caledon and Blythe and her girls got dressed at the nearby Milcroft Inn and Spa.  Thats another location that is worth visiting.  I heard the guests raving about the pool and the spa services.  The grounds near the spa are pretty picturesque with a restaurant on the banks of an old restored mill.  Great place to go for that special lunch or dinner.

Here are some pictures form that special day.